Let us surprise you with a 4-course experience a la Kolabrautin, with the freshest incidence available each time — 10100 KR.


Smoked Arctic Char, roe, smoked almonds and dill sauce  —  2900 kr.

Salt baked pumpkin, red kinoa salad and grilled asparagus (vegan)  —  2700 kr.

Lobster ravioli, shellfish “velouté” soup, pepper and fresh herbs  —  2900 kr.


Main courses

Lamb with rosmarin and bread crust, parmesan au gratin potatoes, roasted vegetables, almonds og portwine sauce  —  5700 kr.

Duckbreast with green pepper, white cabbage, pistachios, miso and spring onion filled potatoes  —  5400 kr.

Cod marineted in sitrus and chili with roasted almonds, grapes, potato puree and yogurt sauce  —  4600 kr.

Blackened salmon with citrus fruit salsa, foam of potato and lemon cream  —  4600 kr.

Oumph with fresh salad and herb salsa (vegan)  —  3900 kr.



No flour chocolate cake and silky smooth ganache topped with hot chocolate sauce  —  1600 kr.

Ice cream with sour cream, strawberries and rhubarb  —  1600 kr.