Let us surprise you with a 3 & 4 course experience a la Kolabrautin, with the freshest material available each time

3 course menu, 9900 kr.
4 course menu, 10900 kr.


Smoked arctic char with cucumber, almonds, grilled cucumber salsa & almond milk  —  2900 kr.

Slow cooked tomatoes, pickled tomatoes & fresh tomatoes with basil oil, Parmesan crisp, Rye bread crumble & basil cream  —  2700 kr.

Seafood „symphony“ with a shellfish foam, dill oil and a herb crumble  —  2900 kr.

Main Courses

Herb crusted Fillet of lamb & slow cooked lamb neck, purée of caramelized celeriac & herb oil  —  5700 kr.

Slow cooked veal ribey with creamed mushrooms, potato fondant and salsa verde  —  5400 kr.

Catch of the day  —  4600 kr.

Black bean steak with grilled salad, roasted vegetables and salsa verde  —  3900 kr.


Our sourdough Pizzas are baked at high heat in a woodfired oven

De parma
Mozzarella, tomatoes,parma ham, salad and parmesan  —  3400 kr. 

Pizza að hætti kokksins
Leyfið okkur að koma ykkur á óvart með því besta sem eldhúsið hefur upp á að bjóða að hverju sinni  —  3400 kr.



White chocolate “skyr” with raspberries, white chocolate skyr cream, hazelnut crumple & raspberries  —  1600 kr.

Strawberry medley, strawberry mousse, sorbet and fresh strawberries  —  1600 kr.