Chef’s menu

Let us surprise you with a 3 or 4-course
experience  à la Kolabrautin, with the
freshest  material available each time. 

3 course 9.900 kr.
4 course 10100 kr.



Our kitchen only uses the freshest ingredients, so some courses can change slightly by seasons



Smoked arctic char with cucumber, almonds, grilled cucumber salsa & almond milk

Small Icelandic scallops & blood orange, with dried roe, pine nuts & broccoli

Flamed Carpaccio of langoustines & ceviche with Icelandic roe sauce, Beurre noisette & radish salat

Slow cooked tomatoes, pickled tomatoes & fresh tomatoes with basil oil, Parmesan crisp, Rye bread crumble & basil cream

White asparagus with rhubarb & beetroot puree, peppers & salat (Vegan)


Main courses

Beef fillet aged in Butter & slow braised short rib with smoked marrow, salt baked turnip puree, garlic cream & jus glaze

Duck breast with fermented cabbage, beetroots, puree of rhubarb & plums, duck liver crumble and mirin duck jus

Lamb rack with herb & slow cooked lamb neck, caramelized celery & herb oil

Black bean steak, with zucchini & flambeed peppers with Baba ghanoush (Vegan)

Salmon & cuttlefish with peas, grapefruit & endive salad

Cod & Oyster with dill, baked onions, pickled white mushrooms & ceps puree



Pear & citrus salad, vegan meringue, Poire Williams sorbet with olive oil

White chocolate “skyr” with raspberries, white chocolate skyr cream, hazelnut crumple

Soft chocolate cake, mixed berries and silky ganache, topped with hot chocolate sauce

Manjari chocolate, cinnamon cream & chocolate tea-cake

Raspberry & chocolate with blood orange & yuzu mousse & salted peanut layer cake


Please select the same three courses for the whole group: one starter, one main course and one dessert.

9900 ISK per person


Prices apply from January 1st to December 31st, 2019.

All prices include VAT and are subject to change.